Here are some of the products we offer from Wooster Products

Specialty Products of the Carolinas is the representative for Wooster Products in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Alumogrit® and Ferrogrit® Abrasive Cast Products

Available in either abrasive cast aluminum (Alumogrit®) or abrasive cast iron (Ferrogrit®)

Guidelines for the installation of metal safety treads or nosings into new concrete or steel pan-filled stairs:

  • The use of very large aggregate in the concrete mix may make placement of the safety nosing difficult.
  • Safety nosing placement may be difficult in concrete with very low slump
  • Place the concrete into the stair forms or steel pans as quickly as possible; schedule pours so as to install the metal safety nosings quickly, before the “initial set” of the concrete occurs.
  • Puddle the concrete, tamp the safety nosings to insure proper concrete formation around the anchors.
  • Remove protective tape as soon as practical
  • Close stairway after pour; permit no use for 24 hours


Spectra®, Supergrit®, Stairmaster®, Flexmaster®

Extruded Aluminum products for new construction or renovation


Specify NITEGLOW® (Glow-in-the-Dark):

  • Bring your building up to IBC,IFC,and NYC code compliance
  • Provide luminescent outlines of egress stairs
  • Entire photoluminescent area is slip resistant
  • Recharged by any light source, natural or artificial
  • Available for new construction or renovation