Indoor Sky

Our Dayliter and Skyliter Shading Systems are the only window treatements available that fulfill the dual roles of daylighting and shading. Through the cross-pollination of lightshelves and roller shades we have created an extremely versatile system that lends itself to almost any interior configuration.



Our Dayliter and Skyliter Shading Systems can be fitted with a variety of operating mechanisms and lightshelf fabrics to suit your exact needs. Continue reading below for a full overview of our available options, including detailed CAD drawings.


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Sunshade fabrics of every type and from most manufacturers are available for use in the Dayliter and Skyliter Shading Systems allowing for total flexibility from both a design and functionality standpoint.

Our “standard” fabric selection is the Alkenz 3000 HT Series from Rollease Acmeda and we recommend 3% openness for most applications. For PVC-free fabric requirements we offer several options including Green Screen Revive from Mermet and Infinity 2 from Phifer. For “high performance” applications such as high solar heat gain we recommend Omniascreen from Rollease Acmeda.



Shading fabrics have traditionally been selected more for aesthetics than performance however today’s fabric technology provides for enhanced performance in a space without sacrificing style.

Optimal daylight, reduced glare and views to the exterior are all features found in today’s fabric offerings regardless of design preference.