Abrasive Cast Products
(Alumogrit® and Ferrogrit®)

Alumogrit® and Ferrogrit® Abrasive Cast Products

Available in either abrasive cast aluminum (Alumogrit®) or abrasive cast iron (Ferrogrit®)

Cast Nosings & Misc
Structural Treads

Specify abrasive castings for:

  • Maximum Durability in Rough Use
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Resistance to Unusually Corrosive Environments
  • Anti-Slip Safety Properties
  • Ready to Install Convenience
  • New Construction or Existing Buildings

Guidelines for the installation of metal safety treads or nosings into new concrete or steel pan-filled stairs:

  • The use of very large aggregate in the concrete mix may make placement of the safety nosing difficult.
  • Safety nosing placement may be difficult in concrete with very low slump
  • Place the concrete into the stair forms or steel pans as quickly as possible; schedule pours so as to install the metal safety nosings quickly, before the “initial set” of the concrete occurs.
  • Puddle the concrete, tamp the safety nosings to insure proper concrete formation around the anchors.
  • Remove protective tape as soon as practical
  • Close stairway after pour; permit no use for 24 hours